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Access Resources: Find Articles, Images and More: Off-Campus Access

Online resources are licensed for use only by KCAI people. If you are accessing resources from off-campus, you will be prompted to prove that you are a current with KCAI. (This is also the method for logging in to your Jannes Library account.)

Here is a screenshot of the prompt that you will see after selecting an online resource, with instructions.

Most important thing:  When prompted to log in or authenticate, READ the on-screen instructions.
After you choose a resource you are interested in, such as EBSCO eBooks, then:

When You See This

1.      Per the on-screen example, type your first and last name and move to the next box.

2.      Your ‘unique campus ID’ is the number on your KCAI ID card, followed by kcai.  So if the  ID # on your card is 54321, you will type 54321kcai.  (No spaces. That’s it.  Easy.)

If you aren't able to log in when following these instructions, contact Jannes Library staff at or use the Live Chat box on this page.

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