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Moodle Guide: Moodle

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How do I create an account?

You can create your Moodle account at       

On the right half of the screen, click on New Account and fill in your details.

Where do I login to KCAI moodle?

Once you have created your account you'll be able to login at

I'd like to experiment with moodle. Is that possible? maintains a demo site that allows you to experiment with moodle features at

How do I create a course in Moodle?

Once you have created your account, please contact library staff at with your course information and we will create the course for you.

TIP: The best browser to use to edit in Moodle is Firefox.

Using Firefox will allow for the display of the HTML tool


Tips for Assisting Students with Moodle

  • If they are having trouble opening your files, find out if the format that you posted can be read on their computer.   PDF files are the most common format type.   
  • Find out what kind of device they are using.   A computer is required to access documents and students will have more success using a computer than with using a mobile device.   A cell phone may not be able to open the file types that are posted in your course and cell phones have very little memory, so even if their phone supports PDF viewing, they might not be able to open an entire article or book chapter on their phone.   A computer or device with more memory is required for their success in using your Moodle course.
  • Instructions for your students to create their Moodle account are in this document.   You will need to provide the students with the enrollment key in order for them to get into your course.  (Note: Moodle is open source software that was created in Australia and they use a different spelling for the word enrollment.)

Subject Guide

Upcoming Faculty Moodle Workshops

Thursday, January 11th, 2018


Jannes Library computer lab (3rd floor)

If that date/time does not work for you, please note:

We can come to you!

Interested? RSVP to


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